This is a terrific restaurant: great service and

This is a terrific restaurant: great service and the food is even better. We are from Chicago, so we have regular access to great food--if Bistro Tallulah were in Chicago, we would be delighted.  Had dinner there the past two nights with a large group, in town on business, and were treated very well.  

But you probably want to know about the food.  Sort of French-ish, New Orleans-ish (the chef worked there for a decade), but most of all, delicious.  

The salads are perfectly balanced, with greens, vegetables, cheese, and vinaigrette--we tried the house salad and one with grilled scallops (and the scallops were exquisite). We also tried a gumbo that was savory and full of good stuff.

The salmon entree was heavenly--perfectly cooked and lovely accompaniments, including celeriac-yukon gold mashed potatoes.  We licked the plate.  The "cioppino" was also yummy: savory and fresh-tasting.  (I put it in quotes because it's usually a big bowl of stew--here it's a plate of fish, seafood, and vegetables in sauce over polenta). The pork chop (from the specials list) was beautifully done: not at all dry and in a sweet-savory sauce.

Desserts are also outstanding.  A chocolate-frangelico pot de creme (special) was transcendent.  And the signature bread pudding is like the best french toast you ever had.

This is based on two visits.  Someone suggested trying another place for variety and just got a bunch of dirty looks.  Why fix what ain't broke?

So we return tonight...


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