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Welcome to Bistro Tallulah

Food With Taste
Bistro Tallulah is a downtown Glens Falls restaurant and is owned and operated by Chef Shawn Whalen. The cuisine is eclectic and creative but tends to be influenced by casual Spanish, French and New Orleans traditions. The atmosphere is casual and unpretentious. The food is simple, but elegant.
Thankfully, our success is attributable to the word of mouth advertising of our dedicated happy customers, not from any marketing genius or bravado on our part. We believe that the food needs to speak for itself, with enough personality to get your attention.
Our focus has been, and will continue to be trying to dazzle you (modestly) with great taste.


Closed Until Further Notice


26 Ridge Street, Glens Falls

(Downtown, Near Everything)



... this is a fantastic place and...

... this is a fantastic place and a welcome addition to glens falls. the food is simple but elegant...


A Tight Storefront Eatery...

A tight storefront eatery decorated with paintings of jazz greats, Bistro Tallulah is home to some inventive, yet familiar cuisine. There’s no better start to a meal here than with crispy duck confit salad with baby arugula and Bibb lettuce, pecans, honey-flavored goat cheese, dried pears and a cane mustard vinaigrette. Unless you want one of chef-owner Shawn Whalen’s signature soups, such as the sweet corn soup with blackened salmon relish and tarragon crème fraîche. Locally grown ingredients are emphasized in dishes such as coq au vin and cochon de lait (roasted suckling pig) served atop sweet potato purée and red cabbage slaw. Meat and potato-lovers will be more than satisfied with Whalen’s hanger steak with house-made fries, grilled asparagus and sun-dried tomato and Gorgonzola chimichurri. The small plates aren’t very small, so order gingerly or be prepared to take home an encore container or two.


Awesome Restaurant

Awesome restaurant! I had a salad with sea scallops, bleu cheese, and sun-dried tomatoes on it. The combination was perfect. My sons ordered macaroni and cheese. They told me to say that it was cheesie and awesome! We had cider donuts, my wife said to say that the donuts deserved four stars. We also had a pot de creme, my wife said to say that it deserved five stars.

I wish it was close to where I live (smile). We will stop there every time we are coming through Glens Falls, NY.I highly recommend this restaurant.


My wife and I went for our first time last week

My wife and I went for our first time last week on a Friday night.  The atmosphere was a bit more casual than I had expected, and I welcomed that.  Overall we found the waitstaff knowledgeable and courteous.  The menu was creative, especially for the area, and the use of different ingredients made our dishes interesting.

We each ordered a salad and an entree, I had a beef dish and she had pasta.  The food was excellent, especially the salads.


The food here was outstanding

The food here was outstanding. I had the small plate hanger steak and my husband had the full size ciopinno.  The restaurant was really busy and we couldn't get a reservation so we ate at the bar. Service was great, the food was great, the dipping oil was delicious. My only complaint was the noise level. It will be someplace we'll return to after a day trip to the Adirondacks.


This is a terrific restaurant: great service and

This is a terrific restaurant: great service and the food is even better. We are from Chicago, so we have regular access to great food--if Bistro Tallulah were in Chicago, we would be delighted.  Had dinner there the past two nights with a large group, in town on business, and were treated very well.  

But you probably want to know about the food.  Sort of French-ish, New Orleans-ish (the chef worked there for a decade), but most of all, delicious.  

The salads are perfectly balanced, with greens, vegetables, cheese, and vinaigrette--we tried the house salad and one with grilled scallops (and the scallops were exquisite). We also tried a gumbo that was savory and full of good stuff.

The salmon entree was heavenly--perfectly cooked and lovely accompaniments, including celeriac-yukon gold mashed potatoes.  We licked the plate.  The "cioppino" was also yummy: savory and fresh-tasting.  (I put it in quotes because it's usually a big bowl of stew--here it's a plate of fish, seafood, and vegetables in sauce over polenta). The pork chop (from the specials list) was beautifully done: not at all dry and in a sweet-savory sauce.

Desserts are also outstanding.  A chocolate-frangelico pot de creme (special) was transcendent.  And the signature bread pudding is like the best french toast you ever had.

This is based on two visits.  Someone suggested trying another place for variety and just got a bunch of dirty looks.  Why fix what ain't broke?

So we return tonight...



Steve Barnes, Albany Times Union Jan 1, 2009

 From The Steve Barnes column: "5 local Capital Region chefs who keep the heat on

"The Capital Region has its share of big-name chefs, but the majority of local diners on any given night are fed, and fed well, by chefs who work out of the spotlight, whether as sous chefs in top kitchens or as chef-owners in small, casual eateries. It's not possible to give attention to all of those who deserve it, but let's start the new year by recognizing a representative five chefs who consistently do great work.


The Buzz (Leigh Hornbeck, Staff writer, The Times Union)

November 29, 2007

In the past I’ve been criticized for blogging about the sights and sounds outside of Saratoga County but come on people, sometimes you have to take a drive. Last night I ate at Bistro Tallulah, on Ridge Street in Glens Falls. It was spectacular.

Tallulah’s is next to Red Fox Books and across from Fiddleheads on Ridge Street, downtown Glens Falls (exit 18). It’s BYOB, which I like because the bill was oh-so much cheaper, and my friend & I still had delicious wine that she brought with her. Tallulah’s gives you a choice of a small or a large portion, so I had a small salad with 2 gorgeous scallops on it and the small portion of hanger steak with gorgonzola and pommes frites. My friend had salmon and said it was delicious. The servings were the perfect amount. Everything was prepared and cooked perfectly. We had a cheerful waitress and we were all entertained by the crowd in the back because they were singing Christmas carols while the staff decorated a tree. One woman hit a note so perfectly (imperfectly?) that a glass broke. Really! Anyway, the whole experience was lovely and dinner for two was only $56, with tip.





Glens Falls, NY ~ " Fabulous Find"

January 27, 2008

If anyone is up in the Glens Falls area I recommend Bistro Tallulah at 26 Ridge Street, and its fabulous young owner/chef Shawn Whalen. The menu was varied, dishes ranged from suckling pig to lovely fish and then to lamb shanks that melted on the fork. The salads were great, pan seared scallops mixed with dried cranberries and Maytag Blue or a salad with duck confit and pignoli nuts. The waitstaff knew every dish and was able to suggest a wine to go with it. We were a large and talky group yet the service stayed friendly throughout the meal. And the desserts, particularly the warm white chocolate bread pudding with pralines, are worth living for!